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We are a tax resolution company serving Individuals, Schedule C filers, and Small businesses across the nation. Our objective is to offer taxpayers a clear understanding of the process to resolving back taxes and provide realistic expectations. Our role is to negotiate the lowest possible IRS payment amount allowable within the scope of law. We will let you know up front as to what tax relief options are available out there. This is based on a review of your IRS transcripts, filed tax returns, backup documentation provided to us, and a financial intake. Our goal is to provide our clients with the same level of service that we would expect.

We work together with our clients and guide them in the right direction. When it comes to eliminating IRS tax debt, it is our utmost goal to find the best IRS debt resolution, relief solutions and let you know your options. Whether you need assistance with paying back taxes, looking for a proper payment plan or if you are having audit issues, our experienced staff and IRS tax relief specialists can step in to offer you the most beneficial tax debt resolution permissible by law.

Are you looking for a professional IRS tax problem solution to helping you deal with your IRS tax debt relief? You need not worry any longer, as we employ top IRS tax relief experts who will help you handle all your IRS tax problems. We at Tax Help Network are a BBB rated tax relief company with years of experience in settling many cases for our clients and our main goal and focus is to help you keep what is yours, and defend you from the IRS! When you work with our team, you can be rest assured to putting your trust in our expertise, and vast knowledge of the industry that we have worked in for over 10 years.

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Are you worried about good advice for your tax debt? We bring an end to your worries in getting you the appropriate tax relief solutions now. You can consult the professionals of Tax Help Network, as we will never let you pay extra taxes or be concerned about any unnecessary tax debt, as our consultation will clarify each and every tax question you may have. Be rest assured, we will be there for providing you your best tax relief solutions now in an efficient and professional manner.

You can give us a call anytime for your best tax solutions now. Reach us at: (877) 829-8477

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You do not have to spend a lot of money in getting expert tax advice, now tax solutions will be by your side, here at Tax Help Network. Our tax solutions have helped numerous clients and we can help you too. If you’re willing to get our tax solutions now and put your mind at ease, just get in touch with us at: (877) 829-8477.

IRS Tax Problems Solutions to Eliminate IRS Tax Debt

IRS Problems can be a nightmare and they usually don't get much attention by taxpayers until they are faced with penalties, interest, fees and back taxes, all of which become a big challenge. To eliminate IRS tax debt and resolve these problems requires an IRS problem solutions based approach, something we offer right here at Tax Help Network. Fortunately in some cases, the IRS problem solutions are simple tasks such as tax return filings, while in other cases they can be more complex, such as submitting of Personal Financial Statements via IRS forms 433, 433A, 433F, and others. These IRS problem solutions can be resolved by the taxpayers directly so long as they have the knowledge of how to, otherwise we suggest using the help of professionals, such as CPAs, attorneys, etc.

Taxpayers have several options for resolving or eliminating their IRS tax debt. They have the options to request a monthly Payment Plan or submit an Offer in Compromise. They can also seek Bankruptcy protection (which is something they should do via the consultation of a Bankruptcy attorney).
Here are some options for dealing with tax debts and IRS tax problems in general - setting up an Installment Agreement or a Partial Payment Installment Agreement, submitting an Offer in Compromise, filing for Bankruptcy, or being declared Currently-non-Collectible by the IRS. Taxpayers should also do their due diligence in finding the best tax debt relief companies out there. Some companies will say that they only deal with IRS tax debt relief, while others will actually offer the full package, and act as your accountants by helping file back taxes as well. Therefore, choose wisely not only on hearsay, but based on credible best tax debt relief companies.

IRS Debt Resolution from One of the Best Tax Debt Relief Companies

There is also IRS debt resolution available for taxpayers who have little or no documentation – although the IRS expects documentation to accompany the Collection Information Statements, some clients don't keep their bank statements and paystubs. We do the best we can based on the documentation they are able to provide. To receive an IRS debt resolution, the IRS will typically ask for the backup documentation, or they will disallow the expenses being claimed. However, in some cases the IRS will accept written projections of a client’s income when there’s little documentation to go on (i.e. new business).  To eliminate the IRS tax debt however, such income projections have to be reasonable. In some cases, if IRS tax problems are small and the liability is low enough, the IRS may not require additional backup documentation.   

How do you as a taxpayer know which IRS tax debt relief strategy is right for you? If you are in a situation of need to eliminate your IRS tax debt and cannot do much about it because you don’t know what steps to take, or because you feel that it may be too late, please worry not, as we are among the best tax debt relief companies suited for the job.  Taxpayers should seek the advice of an experienced tax professional when trying to resolve their tax debt problems – our services and IRS problems solutions are available to you by calling us directly at 1-877-829-8477 (TAX-TIPS).


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Offer In Compromise (OIC)

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Are you buried in IRS notices? Maybe an Offer In Compromise is an option for you. With an OIC, the IRS agrees to let the taxpayer pay a fraction of the amount you owe.


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